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The first batch of Lagos intending pilgrims, who arrived Medina barely a week ago left the holy city yesterday after having completed the required hajj rites in order to continue the obligatory hajj rites in Makkah as they perform Umrah.

This was revealed this morning by the Board Secretary, Mr Ishola Rahman during a meeting with the official of the State Board.

Mr Ishola stated that the second batch will be leaving today for Makkah while others will follow as soon as they are through with the recommended sunnahs in Medina.

He also explained that the 6th batch who arrived Medina two days ago have been going around to visit the historical places in the city. Some of the places visited include, the Prophet Mosque, Raodoh, Bakeeyah, Mosjid Cuba, Sabuha Mosjid, Mosjid kiblatyn and Mount Hud alongside the matayrs graves.

Mr Ishola advice the pilgrims that the major hajj rites is in Makkah hence they should maintain their health by avoiding roaming about under the harsh sun, take plenty of water and follow doctors’ advice while those on medication should maintain regular usage of their drugs. “Health is wealth, you need a lot of energy to be able to perform the major hajj rites in Makkah”.

He urged the intending pilgrims to make sure that they partake in every rites, adding that anyone who do not participate in Arafat has not perform hajj.

He assured families of pilgrims that all is well with Lagos pilgrims in the holy land. He enjoined them to also pray for these pilgrims, adding that the pilgrims are praying fervently for the nation, Lagos, families and themselves.
The Board Secretary commended the Babajide Olusola Sanwo Olu led government for her moral and financial support despite at short notice since assumption of office.

He reassured the few pilgrims yet to be airlifted not to entertain any fear as their visas are ready.

He urged them to listen regularly to radio, watch television , read newspapers and also await instruction from the Board official. “Amir ul Hajj, Dr Abdul Hakeem Abdul Lateef is also on ground to ensure the successful airlift of the remaining 25 pilgrims. ” A total of , 2239 pilgrims have so far been airlifted in this year hajj operation”.

Lagos State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board
19th July, 2019

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