Nigerian Journalists Pray for Peace in Makkah

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Nigerian Journalist at the Joly Prophet Mosque in Madinah




The Nigeria Journalists covering the activities of this year Hajj Pilgrimage has organized special prayers for the restoration of peaceful coexistence among Nigerians.


The Nigerian Journalists, who gathered at the Prophet Mosque in Medina Saturday, were led in prayers by two veteran Journalists Bashir M Sule of Manar TV and Yunusa Babanana.


Speaking before the prayers a representative of the National Hajj Commission, Ahmad Musa Ibrahim said what the Journalists did was statesmanship that should be upheld and commended by all.


He said the prayers coming from peoples who are stakeholders in the national events will send the positive message back home.


Ibrahim Musa added that the National Chairman of NAHCON Barrister Abdullahi Mukthar Muhammad would have loved to be at the special prayers but for the exigencies of his duties and that the Chairman would forward the important prayers to Mr President.


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