No Covid-19 cases detected during Hajj – Saudi health Ministry

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No cases of COVID-19 have been detected during this year’s Hajj, Saudi health officials said. The coronavirus pandemic caused this year’s Hajj to be reduced to 60,000 pilgrims from within the Kingdom.


Precautionary measures against COVID-19 had been fully implemented.


Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly said no cases had yet been detected.

Health protocols and preventive measures, he said, could ensure a safe Hajj season.


The first phase of protocols began before pilgrims started arriving at the Grand Mosque in Makkah on Saturday for the start of Hajj.


Specialized health guides were accompanying pilgrims to check on them and give advice.


On Sunday, pilgrims worshipped and rested in Mina ahead of traveling to Arafat on Monday morning for the climax of the pilgrimage.


Al-Aly said there were 13 hospitals in Makkah — three located at the holy sites, while the other 10 were in Makkah city.


“There is also a mobile field hospital which will accompany the pilgrims,” he said. “There are also some 50 clinics and medical centers in different parts of the holy sites.”


“Moreover, we have 180 ambulances that can provide intensive care services.”


He said the Saudi Red Crescent Authority were also providing “significant services” including capacity for almost 3,000 medical beds.



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