No guidelines for Hajj pilgrims as of now, vaccination may be mandatory, say Kashmir Hajj official

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory administration is yet to announce the mandatory vaccination for the Hajj pilgrims in the ensuing year while the officials of concerned quarters stated pilgrims going for Hajj will have to first get a jab before leaving J&K.

Taking the COVID-19 vaccine shot has been made compulsory for those arriving in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj this year. People who don’t comply with the rule will not be allowed to perform Hajj.

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Top administrative officials said that the higher-ups have not issued any specific guidelines for the pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir but most probably notification will be out soon that since no one will be allowed to move out without getting the anti-COVID-19 jab within the UT which is mandatory for the resumption of normal activities.


Dr. Salam Mir, who is the Jammu and Kashmir state Executive Officer Hajj, told KNO that as of now no guidelines have been issued for the pilgrims. “No guidelines have been issued as of now but it will be done mandatorily and no one will be allowed to leave J&K for Haj pilgrimage without vaccination here as well,” he said.




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