Over 66,000  Umrah Pilgrims benefit from  Tanaqol App,  27,288 uses regular carts – Haram Presidency

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The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s Holy Mosque has pointed out that a total of 66,367 Umrah performers and visitor of the Grand Holy Mosque have benefited from the Tanaqol app, of whom 27,288 have benefited from regular carts.

The presidency also said that it has provided 5,000 regular carts and 3000 electric carts with easy access for the elderly, sick and people with special needs.


Fahd Al-Maliki, director of the transport services department, said that Umrah performers can use the Tanaqol app to reserve carts without buying tickets thus reducing crowding at ticket sales points and improving social distancing among worshippers. He also said that more than 60,000 Umrah performers and visitors from more than 35 countries have benefited from the app.


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