Pilgrim loses SR16,000 in Madinah, gets it back in Makkah

by admin

Zaid Al-Khabbar said he arrived in Madinah with his family and was heading to Makkah to perform Umrah when he lost his clothes, wallet and an envelope containing SR16,000.
“I laid down my things to help an elderly man with donning his ihram clothes. Then I got into a taxi heading to Makkah, leaving my clothes and cash behind. When I looked for my wallet to pay the cab driver, I realized I had left it behind in Madinah,” said Al-Khabbar.
He said the cab driver called his brother in Madinah, asking him to search for the envelope.
“The cab driver’s brother found the clothes but he could not find the envelope. The next day the lost and found department at the area I was in, phoned me and told me that they have my envelope with the full amount of money in it. They then sent it to me. I never expected to get my money, which was lost in another city far away,” said Al-Khabbar.

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