Police arrest Saudi citizen for helping non-Muslim journalist enter Makkah

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Police in Makkah have referred a Saudi citizen to the Public Prosecution after he allegedly became complicit in facilitating the entry of an American non-Muslim journalist into the holy city, according to the official spokesman for the Makkah region police.

In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Friday, the spokesman detailed the incident in which the citizen transported the American journalist to Makkah through a dedicated path for Muslims.

He said this was an explicit violation of the regulations that prohibit non-Muslims from entering the holy precincts. The citizen was arrested and legal measures were taken against him.

The spokesman noted that all visitors to the Kingdom need to respect and abide by the regulations especially with regard to the Holy Mosques and the sacred sites.

“Any violation of this kind is considered a crime that will not be tolerated, and suitable penalties will be applied to perpetrators according to the relevant regulations,” he added.

The spokesman said the case of the American journalist involved in the crime was also referred to the Public Prosecution to take appropriate action against him.


Saudi Gazette


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