RAMADAN 2021: 36 Sheikh, Islamic Judges and University Professors to deliver 350 hours lectures in Grand Mosque

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In preparation for the Ramadan season … 165 scientific lessons and 6 scientific competitions to serve the Guests of Rahman at the Grand Mosque

The operational plan prepared by the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque for the blessed. Ramadan season included many programs and services aimed at enriching the religious and cultural experience of the visitors of the Grand.


In its plan for the Ramadan season, the presidency aims to hold (165) scientific lessons and cultural lectures presented by a group of distinguished and eminent scholars, imams and teachers of the Grand Mosque broadcast live on the Manarat Al-Haramain platform in five languages, (10) scientific courses and (6) scientific and cultural competitions.

More than 350 enrichment hours in addition to completing the programs, services and humanitarian initiatives targeted by the campaign (Serving our pilgrims is an honor for our employees) in its fifth season, and continuing to receive visitors at the Two Holy Mosques Exhibition and the Holy Quran Exhibition at the Grand Mosque, and the Library of the Great Mosque of Mecca from 12:00 pm until 2:00 pm


In the morning, amid an emphasis on the importance of highlighting the application of Tawakolna and adhering to the precautionary measures, in order to preserve the safety of everyone.


Among the guiding programs and services during the month of Ramadan is the service of the Qur’an translated into multiple languages, which in turn serves non-Arabic speakers directly and from anywhere in the world, and employing a fatwa team consisting of 36 honorable sheikhs, judges and university professors whose tasks revolve around guiding, educating, directing, and raising the level of the pilgrims. Awareness of the extent to which the objectives of Islamic law are in harmony with the calamities and pandemics that befell people and achieve them in the general interest of societies, and they are accompanied in this task by a constellation of distinguished translators distributed in the corridors of the Grand Mosque around the clock to serve its intent in many international languages, and the fatwas of those asking about the provisions of Islamic law Through the website of the Presidency, and through the toll-free numbers designated to guide the questioners



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