Saudi Arabia abolishes immigration landing card system for Hajj pilgrims

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KARACHI: Saudi Arabia has abolished the condition of immigration landing card for Hajj pilgrims.


To facilitate the pilgrims, General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), Saudi aviation authority, ended the condition and issued a notification to all airlines across the world, including Pakistan, in this regard.


As per GACA, now the pilgrims will not have to submit the immigration landing card at the Jeddah airport.


Pakistan’s Hajj flight operation to airlift intending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia are expected to commence from July 4.


Radio Pakistan reported that Spokesperson of Ministry of Religious Affairs Imran Siddiqui said, “this year Hajj flight operation is also being started

from Quetta on July 7”.


Earlier, the pilgrims from Balochistan were shifted to Karachi and Multan for their onward travel to Saudi Arabia.


He further told that comprehensive arrangements have been put in place both in Mecca and Madina for the convenience of the Hujjaj.

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