Saudi Police arrest 2 suspects for selling 7 pieces of Kaaba cloth

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Pakistani suspects say they bought Kaaba Kiswa from Indian vendor in Mecca for SR300


Abu Dhabi: The Saudi security authorities in the holy capital Mecca arrested two Asian residents in connection with the possession of seven pieces of the Kaaba cloth (Kiswa), while they were being shipped abroad through the Saudi Post branch in the Al Shasha district in Mecca, police said.



“Two Pakistanis were arrested, while they attempted to dispatch seven pieces of the Kaaba cloth through the Saudi Post branch in Al Shasha district,” police said.


The men told interrogators they had bought the Kaaba Kiswa pieces from an Indian vendor on the 60th Street for SR300.


The men were remanded in custody pending moving to the Public Prosecution for further questioning and trial, police said.


The Kaaba Kiswa is replaced once a year on the 9th day of the month of Dul Hijjah after the pilgrims go to Mount Arafat, in preparation for receiving worshippers the next morning, which coincides with Eid Al Adha.



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