So Far, No diseases reported among Hajj pilgrims – Saudi Health Ministry  

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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health confirmed that it has not recorded any cases of epidemics or quarantine diseases among Hajj pilgrims arriving from around the world to perform Hajj this year.

The heath situation, the ministry said, is reassuring. The ministry said that it focuses on the precautionary aspects of pilgrims, and follows developments and changes in the global health situation, in cooperation with the World Health Organization and international health authorities, such as international disease control centres, Saudi Press Agency reported.

The ministry pointed out that it has taken many precautionary measures, including the issuance of mandatory health requirements for pilgrims in Hajj season according to global epidemiological variables.

The ministry also noted that it has provided precautionary services to 257,981 pilgrims coming through various health outlets.

The general percentage of the commitment of pilgrims to precautionary vaccines to date is 87.4pc, for Meningitis, 67.3pc for yellow fever and 95.3pc for poliomyelitis.


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