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Hajj News - August 20, 2021

Grand Mosque opens 4 new entrances, allocates 8,000 vehicles for Umrah pilgrims



The Saudi Arabia General Presidency of the Affairs for the Two Holy Mosques has opened 4 additional entrances and allocated 8,000 vehicles in the Grand Mosque to ensure the pilgrims perform Umrah in ease and comfort.

The opening of additional entrances and increasing the number of vehicles make performing Umrah easier for the elderly pilgrims and pilgrims with disabilities.

The entrances have been opened at the Shubaika entrance, Arqam ladder, Al-Marwa entrance, and at the roof of the Al-Qashashiya courses.


The Director of the Department of Mobile Transportation Ahmed Al-Mekati said that more than 5,000 regular vehicles and 3,000 electric vehicles are being allocated for the pilgrims.

The vehicle distribution points have been split and placed at three entrances in order to comply with the precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

Posters will be put in place to ensure that visitors are social distancing and the carts will be cleaned after each use, complying with preventive methods

The director noted that more than 180 staff, varying from supervisors, technicians and managers are at hand to serve the pilgrims.

Sheikh Sudais distributes electronic fans to Foreign Umrah pilgrims
The staff members will work in four different shifts taking peak times into account in order to provide the highest standards of quality service.


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