132 Volunteers to serve Pilgrims in Grand Mosque  – Haram Presidency

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The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque represented by the General Administration for the Coordination of Voluntary Activities has attracted volunteers and volunteer bodies inside the Grand Mosque, to provide services to the visitors of the Grand Mosque, and among the most prominent of these services is  Helping to transport the elderly and people with disabilities from the sanctuary of the Grand Mosque, pushing the carriages of the elderly in the courtyard and the endeavor, organizing the circumnavigation paths, organizing the chapels and corridors and following up thermal cameras at the entrances to the sanctuary, and maintaining the physical spacing between the worshipers, in accordance with the preventive and precautionary requirements and measures To maintain the health and safety of those visiting the Grand Mosque.



The administration stated that the total number of volunteers per day reached (132) volunteers and their number of volunteer hours reached (568) hours, and this work comes within the efforts made by the Presidency to achieve the Kingdom’s vision (2030), and the administration seeks to spread the culture of volunteer work, improve its effectiveness and increase volunteer opportunities through Adopting the latest methods and best practices supportive to stimulate volunteer work, in an endeavor to raise the level of volunteer work and encourage it, and to unify efforts in promoting the culture of volunteering in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


His Excellency Mr. Khaled bin Fahd Al-Shalawi, Director General of the General Administration for the Coordination of Voluntary Work, raised his thanks and appreciation to all volunteer bodies, the endowment of the campus delegations, the Ministry of Sports, the College of the Holy Mosque of Mecca, the Institute of the Holy Mosque of Mecca, and the project to glorify the Holy Country, the Makkah Scouts, the National Nama Association for their efforts And their cooperation and eagerness to inculcate a culture of volunteering, activate the role of volunteers, and invest their energies and talents to contribute to the development of this generous country.



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