500 digital cameras to keep an eye on Sacrificial Meat Project

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 The Kingdom’s Sacrificial Meat Project has established an operations room supplied with 500 digital cameras and large screens to follow up the implementation of the project being executed by the Islamic Development Bank and a number of the concerned ministries and government departments.

Supervisor of the project, Rihaimi Ahmed Rihaimi, said the operations room is provided with high standard equipment for technical, health and administrative monitoring of the project.

“This new state-of-the-art technology is in line with the continued development of the project,” he said.

Rihaimi said the operations room is aimed at tightening the supervision over the project through coordination with field supervisors and technicians.

‘We are keen to make sure that the slaughtering and skinning of the animals is done according to the Shariah rules and that all the hygienic and environmental conditions are strictly followed,” he said. The movement of the animals is also closely monitored so that there are no violations committed, he added.

Under the project, pilgrims can electronically purchase coupons for their Hadi and Adahi rituals.

The meat is distributed among the poor in Makkah and other areas. It is also airlifted or shipped to the poor in 27 countries.

Saudi Gazette report

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