6-Year-Old Boy from Maldieve Memorises the Entire Qur’an

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No other book of this size has ever been memorized verbatim by hundred of thousands of people worldwide except the Holy Qur’an


A Maldievan boy named Yousuf Bin Mazin is a living example of this. He has memorized the Entire Holy Qur’an and became the youngest person in the Maldieve to learn the Qur’an by heart.


At the age of 6 years, this boy has memorized the Entire Holy Qur’an, all 604 pages.


This is another attestation of the Divine Nature of the Holy Qur’an.

It’s clearly mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in the verse  54:17,

“And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance……”


Indeed Allah has made the Holy Qur’an an easy book  to remember and that’s why hundreds of thousands of Muslims worldwide are able to memorized it completely.


The Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir Ali has commended Yousuf Bin Mazin, the six-year-old boy who has learned the Holy Quran by heart, on his remarkable achievement.


He also hosted Yousuf, along with his parents, for a meeting at the Islamic Ministry headquarters in Maldieve


In addition to commending Yousuf and congratulating his parents, Dr. Ahmed Zahir presented the young boy with a gift.


Yousuf is scheduled to recite the Quran in front of the Center for Quran’s committee before he is guaranteed a place on the official list of local Hafidhs(The Memorizer of Qur’an).

It’s mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in the verse


 “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian”.


Yousuf has made history by becoming the youngest person to learn the Holy Quran by heart.


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