Adversities of this world are test from Allah: Hajj Sermon

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Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman, in his sermon from Masjid-e-Nimra also thanked Allah, the Almighty, for the various blessings He had bestowed on mankind

Mount Arafat (Makkah): Delivering the Hajj sermon from the rampart of Masjid an Namirah in Arafat Thursday Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman said that in times of adversities, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, are test from Allah, the Almighty and amid such difficulties we must turn to our Lord “with humility, penitence and hope”.
“Adversities of this world serve as a test for people, and allow those who persevere to be distinguished from those who are impatient”, he said and quoted from the Holy Quran where Allah, the Exalted said:
And We will test all of you through Our commands, prohibitions, and the various circumstances We decree -both good and bad. Then, your final return shall be to Us alone. [21:35].
Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman was delivering the Hajj sermon in front of the chosen 1000 from all ethnicities gathered on the Plains of Arafat on Youm e Arafa – the Arafat Day and Youm ul Hajj, which is coincides with 9th day of Dhul Hijjah.
“However, no matter how difficult circumstances may become in this world, those difficulties do not last forever. Allaah’s mercy is always more expansive, and the relief He grants is always near. He promised to provide relief and ease”, said in his Hajj 2020 sermon.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman, in his sermon from Masjid-e-Nimra also thanked Allah, the Almighty, for the various blessings He had bestowed on mankind.
“Piety ensures man stays away from evil,” he said. “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah.”
“There are also directives prescribed for protecting communities, as well as resolving social and psychological issues. Islaam’s teachings prescribe treating parents well, upholding ties of kinship, and raising children properly; they foster harmony, togetherness, and social solidarity; they give each spouse rights that must be fulfilled by the other; and they protect the rights of any human being whether man, woman, child, elderly, young, able-bodied, or with special needs”, the Sheikh said.
“Islaam’s teachings promote giving consideration to the feelings of others, supporting others during their times of hardship, observing sound conduct, and using wholesome words when speaking. They encourage the promotion of love, harmony, and cooperation among peopl”, the Sheikh said quoting from Quran where. Allaah, the Most Exalted said:
Your Lord has commanded all of you to worship none besides Him, and He has commanded each of you treat both of your parents well. If, while with you, one or both of your parents reach old age, you must not let either of them hear the slightest word which expresses your irritation, and you must not treat either of them harshly. Rather, be gentle and speak to both of them kindly and honourably. Remain humble out of your compassion towards both of them and say, “My Lord, grant Your mercy to both of my parentssince they mercifully and patiently bore raising me while I was still young and weak.” [17:23-24].
“Other issues for which Islaam prescribes various directives include those pertaining to governance and security. Islaam’s teachings prescribe measures which ensure the safety and stability of people and their lands, and which enable people to perform all of their tasks and duties. Islaam’s teachings protect people’s rights, preserve their lives, and safeguard their properties”, the Sheikh said.

“They prohibit transgression against others or extending harm to them. They also prohibit instigating problems, supporting terrorism, and spreading corruption anywhere in the world. They encourage staying clear of any paths leading to strife, and they emphasize not falling prey to opponents who lurk and look for a chance to attack”, he added.
The Hajj 2020 sermon from Masjid Nimra was translated live in more than 10 languages including English, Urdu and French. The Full Text of Hajj Sermon 2020 is also uploaded on the Haramain website.
More than 2.5 million pilgrims arrive in Makkah to perform Hajj and gather on the Plains of Mount Arafat every year. However, the number of pilgrims is reduced and limited to just 1000 this year due to Coronavirus pandemic.
As per the Saudi government’s decision, this year’s pilgrim ratio will comprise 70 percent non-Saudi residents, with Saudis making up the remaining 30 percent.
From Arafat, the pilgrims leave for Muzdalifah. After the night’s stay in Muzdalifah, the Pilgrims will go to Mina – the Tent City, Friday morning.

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