Hajj 2022: Saudi Ministry of Hajj raise cost of ‘Tent A’ to 18,750 Saudi Riyals (N2.9 million)

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Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced the cost of staying in Tent A in Mina during the 2022 Hajj


Tent A is the closest tent to the Jamrat, where pilgrims performs symbolic stoning  in Mina and usually hosts VIP pilgrims from different countries. It is a value added service tent in Mina

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In the updated Ministry of Hajj price for special services in Mina, Camp A (TENT A) pricing inclusive of meals and drinks for 5 days in Mina cost 18,592.72 SR an equivalent of N2.9 million Nigeria naira.


A short letter seen by HAJJ REPORTERS from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to Private Hajj Operators reads “Peace be upon you and God’s mercy, a good greeting and then, we thank for the return of Hajj after a two-year absence, hoping that it will be a year of good and blessing for all pilgrims of the Holy House of God.


“In this regard, the Ministry of Hajj and #Umrah announce the start of receiving applications for those wishes to buy the package “A”. For VIP class, the package will be available directly via electronic path at a price (SR 18, 592) Including VIP transport”.



This year State pilgrims will be accommodated in Tent C and D while VIP packages from Saudi based pilgrims and Big Privately Tour Operators pilgrims will stay in Tent “A” based on request.



The camp D pricing inclusive of meals and drinks for 5 days in Mina cost 5,655.12 Saudi Riyals an equivalent of N904,800 Nigeria naira


The Ministry of Hajj has cancelled Tent B this year

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