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The Saudi Ministry of Hajj has stated that fees of the cancellation of Hajj permit varies. It depends on if its cancelled before or after the payment. The ministry pointed out that the cancellation before the payment do happens with the Hajj agent “after the approval of the Civil Status and Passports department”. In case of the Interior Ministry refusal, the concerned person should also resort to the Hajj agency “after the approval of the civil status and Passports department.” However, after paying the required fees and printing the statement, the cancellation should be submitted directly to the Hajj agent and is subject to the provisions of its regulations.
The ministry has fixed the cancellation fees, each according to the above-mentioned situations. The cancellation before the payment does not have any additional fees; if the permission was refused by the Ministry of Interior, the cancellation fees would be 25 riyals for each pilgrim, in addition to 5 riyals that are the bank transfer fees. However, after the printing of the statement and getting the approval before the 25th of Dhu al-Qi’dah, the fees will be 50 riyals for each pilgrim, in addition to the 5 riyals bank transfer fees.
In case the cancellation took place between the 25th of Dhu al-Qi’dah and the 1st of Dhu al-Hijjah, the fees will also be 50 riyals; the same applies to the cancellation at the beginning of Dhu al-Hijjah month. The return of the fees will take 4 working days. Anyone can get a copy of the contract online after the confirmation of the payment process.
The ministry announced that local pilgrims will be able to get the following information upon the completion of the booking process: the booking number, details of prices and fees, the program fees per person, the type and details of the program, the name and address of the Hajj agency as well as its statement number, the account number, the deadline of the payment, the status of the payment and the names and details of reserving persons.”
The ministry pointed out that in case the agencies requested additional amounts, not mentioned in the booking record, it is possible to file a written complaint with the case’s details and send it to the Minister of Hajj Office. In case the fees differed, a letter should be sent to the concerned parties. If the letter was not received, a detailed complaint should be raised to the organizers immediately, including the booking number.”
The ministry pointed out that the registration process and the electronic Hajj permit aim at helping the citizens and residents reach to the licensed pilgrimage agencies and adjusting the fees.

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