How NAHCON’s chair Muktar, conducts 2019 Hajj exercise without govt funding 

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Abubakar Ahmadu Maishanu

The National Hajj Commission (NAHCON) under it’s chairman, Abdullahi Muktar,  has commenced taking responsibilities of all its activities without funding from the government, an official have said.

Fatima Usara, The commission’s spokesperson said NAHCON has  shouldered all its activities in 2019, both onshore and offshore, from its internally generated resources that were gathered accountably, managed and spent responsively.

She said the commission met the fate after the federal government stop sponsorship of contingent and individuals on pilgrimage to Makkah and Jerusalem, after president Buhari led administration  came on board include the 2015.

It should be on record that for 2019 Hajj, the Commission did not collect any funding from the government for its operations yet, went ahead to organize and accomplish a successful 2019 Hajj operations from its pockets, Mrs Usara said

“The Commission even went ahead to relieve the government of some of its financial obligations to it, she gave an instance, that the NAHCON’s Chairman Mr Muktar neither request nor  collect funding of its office accommodation rental from the government but instead, suggested that the funds be channelled towards financing other government’s people-oriented projects,

“This, was NAHCON’s  plans to be independent of government funding through proper recognition and utilization of its potentials, the spokesperson said.


She further added that, in appreciation of Mr Muktar giant stride,  Islamic Development Bank, (IDB) has finalized arrangements to sponsor NAHCON staff for capacity building, pieces of training both within and outside the country towards preparing staff for the challenge ahead.

According to the official, the trainings will equip recipients with more operational skills in terms of aviation matters, consolidating financial drive of the Commission, grooming the staff with standard hospitality procedures, harnessing opportunities and learning from those who have diversified Hajj savings to revenue building ventures for both the depositors as well as custodians.

IDB has also committed to supplying the necessary equipment to support the Commission’s functions, thereby assisting it to put its available funds towards other operations, she added.


“The Hajj commission has being expanding its content beyond Hajj in terms of operations and enterprise, not just for gains of Nigerian Muslims. Its gains have impacted on the Nigerian economy by tax remittance,  licencing and other permit charges.

“At the same time, its gains are steadily reaching Nigerians individually in its social responsibility outreach programs. And it is a momentum the NAHCON’s leadership is keen to sustain, Usara said.

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