How Saudi Arabia Made Hajj Visa Processing Easy – NAHCON

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The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) said: “it is gratifying to announce that unlike in 2018 hajj exercise, the Saudi Arabian authorities, through the e-visa system have simplified visa processing for 2019 Hajj season.”


A statement signed by Fatima Sanda Usara, Head of Public Affairs division of NAHCON explains that “Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj and Umrah gave directives informing of the laudable new e-visa processing system that does not require intending pilgrims to undergo any physical screening in Saudi embassies. Under this arrangement, the intending pilgrim’s visa will spontaneously be administered upon completion of Hajj fare payment on the e-portal.”


The next move is for the visa applicant to precede to a café to print out the visa document in wait for his/her scheduled flight for the pilgrimage. Concerning Nigerian pilgrims, their respective state pilgrims’ boards print out the visas on behalf of their pilgrims. This procedure has been stress-free thus far with a considerable number of visas already processed.

Moreover, visas are administered within hours of making full payments, therefore, creating a leeway for one to pay and get his/her visa ready hours before closure of Hajj e-portal for 2019 Hajj, deadline for this being 15th of July 2019.

However, as easy as the procedure may be, NAHCON cautions intending pilgrims to safeguard their visa slips and other travel documents conscientiously to forestall anyone missing his/her chance of participating in 2019 Hajj. This is because Saudi Arabian authorities will not honour entry of anyone with incomplete travel documents into the Kingdom for any reason. The visa slip is in paper form, which may easily be destroyed by wetness. Therefore, the Commission recommends extra care in handling travel documents to Hajj 2019.




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