IN DETAILS: How prayers will be conducted in Masjid Al Nabawi during RAMADAN  

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According to the plans drawn up:


-The total capacity of worshippers in Ramadan will be 60,000 worshippers at one time (45000 inside and 15000 outside) under social distancing measures (inside and outside the masjid).

– Masjid Al Nabawi will close half an hour after Taraweeh prayer, and will reopen two hours before the Fajr prayer (except for the last ten days of Ramadan during which it will remain open 24/7).


– Praying in the Rawdah will be reserved for Imams, workers, and funeral attendees.


– Worshippers will be allowed to pray in the masjid, outside and on the roof. It will be regularly inspected.


Plans for Iftar and Iti’kaf are yet to be announced which is expected in the coming days after recommendations from the Ministry of Health





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