Pakistan Govt Imposes Hajj fare On Babies

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The children born before 2017 would have to pay full amount for Hajj application.

Hajj tax will now be imposed on babies as well.
The Religious Affairs Ministry has done a unique decision to meet the revenue target.
The children born before 2017 would have to pay full amount for Hajj application while babies born after 2017will have to pay Rs 12,910 for Hajj.
According to a report published in a local newspaper, the Religious Affairs Ministry has announced the fee for babies going to Hajj with their parents.
The babies born in southern areas after 2017 will have to pay Rs 11,910 while a fee of Rs 12,910 has been fixed for babies of northern areas.
Meanwhile, complete payment for Hajj will be received from children born before December 15, 2017.
The government withdrew subsidy on the pilgrimage, increasing the expenses by Rs 176,000 for each pilgrim whereas the overall pilgrimage amounted to Rs 456,000.
The Federal cabinet approved its first Hajj Policy on January 30.
Under the new Hajj Policy more than 1, 84000 Pakistanis will perform the annual ritual of Hajj this year, with 60 per cent quota of pilgrims reserved for the government sponsored Hajj scheme and remaining 40 per cent for the pilgrims who will travel through private hajj tour operators.

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