Saudi-based Pullman Zamzam Hotel Woos Nigerian Pilgrims

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In what is another testament to the importance of the Nigerian traveller, Saudi Arabia-based Pullman Zamzam, a 5-star hotel that prides itself on the quality of its premium hospitality and service through its warm Arabian welcome, last week embarked on a roadshow to Abuja and Lagos.

A favourite of discerning pilgrims visiting the holy sites in Makkah and Medina, the Pullman Zamzam has 800 rooms at its Makkah facility and 500 in Medina, both with a number of restaurants serving international cuisine.

It is quite popular with those who desire luxurious amenities and top-notch hospitality but within close proximity to the holy sites.

According to General Manager Zamzam Makkah, Hamid Sidine, who spoke on the sidelines of a networking session in Lagos, the hotel deems it necessary to target Nigerian pilgrims, especially those seeking a high-end experience, and provide the best services for them.

“For us, the Nigerian market is very important,” Sidine said. Most of our guests from Africa are Senegalese, Ivoirians, Moroccans, Tunisians (but) few Nigerians. But we want to get our share of this niche market.”

According to him, the hotel’s rooms are a huge pull. “We have large rooms. They can fit from two to six people. We have the largest rooms within Mecca.”

Sidine went further to reveal that the hotel is ready to go the extra mile to satisfy its Nigerian guests.

“When people are coming for Umrah and Hajj, they need their local food. Today, to be honest, we don’t have,” he said about Nigeria’s unique cuisine which is of utmost importance to many Nigerian travellers.

“…But we are ready to hire Nigerian chefs. As you know, in Mecca we have some local Nigerian communities, and there are chefs. So we would hire them to meet the expectations of the Nigerian pilgrims,” he said.

Apart from showcasing its facilities and services to the Nigerian audience, Pullman Zamzam intensified its marketing drive by engaging key Hajj operators and other key stakeholders’ within the Nigerian Hajj community.

The road show was also an opportunity for the management executives of the hospitality brand to meet with notable dignitaries and the media.

“We are here to listen. We are here to better understand and help enhance the Nigerian pilgrim experience. We want to know what the Nigerian community wants. After that, we will come back with the offers to meet their expectations,” Sidine said as he reaffirming Zamzam’s commitment to giving the best value and services to Nigerian pilgrims all year round.


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