Serving adulterated food to pilgrims attracts 10-year jail, SR10m fine – Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia’s Public Prosecution has issued a strict warning against distributing foodstuffs deemed to be harmful to health among pilgrims.

Selling or distributing adulterated food items to pilgrims is strictly prohibited, it said, adding that anyone found such wrongful practices will be penalized.

Violation of food safety regulations is considered a major crime and the perpetrator will be arrested, the Public Prosecution said. If found guilty, violators of food safety regulations will face imprisonment for up to 10 years and a fine of up to SR10 million.  The violators’ licenses will be revoked and they will be prevented from practicing any food-related work and activity.

In addition, those found guilty by a court of law will be shamed by publicizing their names in the mass media at own expense.

The Public Prosecution noted that it undertakes investigations into allegations of food safety rules, according to Article 36 of the food law.

Saudi Gazette

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