Tabung Haji wins Malaysia Technology Excellence Award for Online Service

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THiJARI online platform provides innovative financial and Hajj management services to Malaysian Muslims.


For a 58-year old organisation with nearly nine (9) million depositors, 123 branches, more than 10,000 touch points and over 2,000 employees nationwide, Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) understands what it takes to make customers continuously satisfied – excellence in service delivery.



Part of this excellence is channelled into providing innovative financial and Hajj management, an ongoing process carried throughout the year that begins from the moment prospective hajj pilgrims make their first savings, until their return to Malaysia after completing their hajj in the Holy Land.



Before TH was established, there was no Islamic financial institution that provided integrated services to Malaysian pilgrims to save for Hajj expenses. Even though several banks were already operating, Muslims were hesitant to use conventional banking for their Hajj savings because they wanted to ensure that they were free from riba (usury), thus attaining Mabrur Hajj (which comprises sincerity, wholesome provision and excellent performance).


Bottom of Form

TH rose to the challenge of attracting more Muslims to use its shariah based savings facility where they can save from an early age and rest assured that their savings for hajj were always ‘halal’ (or lawful) and safe.



To make it even easier and more convenient for pilgrims, TH has established THiJARI online services which is proven to be the best and most convenient option for depositors to transact, as its user is growing significantly on a daily basis. Available in Web, iOS and Android, THiJARI user base has reached


820,000 in just slightly over a year attracting at least 50,000 transactions daily. With a strong emphasis on security and user-friendliness, THiJARI’s user base is growing rapidly with a rate between 2,000 to 3,000 users daily.



The success of THiJARI shows TH’s commitment to provide innovative financial and Hajj management services to its customers for them to access any time and from anywhere. To add icing on top, all the services offered in THiJARI are free from any fees or charges.



THiJARI has been redesigned with sleeker layout, user-friendly navigation and enhanced security to provide the best service to its depositors. Its most current features include Virtual Account Opening, Account Overview, Additional Savings through Fund Transfer via FPX and JomPAY, View of Nomination/Hibah Amanah Registration, Kelab TaHa Membership and Hajj Services including Hajj Registration, Hajj Offer, Hajj Appeal and Hajj Flight Schedule.



By incorporating its strong principles with business savvy and technology, TH continuous efforts have garnered THiJARI the Malaysia Technology Excellence Award in the Online Service – Financial Services category.



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