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HOME - February 25, 2021

Word “Quarantine” Was First Created By A Muslim Scientist



Are you aware of the fact that the Muslim scientist, Abu ‘Ali al-Husayn ibn Sina, had first coined the term “Quarantine” in his work? In the west, he is well-known with the name of “Avicenna”.


At that time, he doubted that there were few diseases that get transmitted by microorganisms and its prevention was known only by opting self-distancing the public for 40 days.


He named this method as Al-Arba’in Iya meaning forty-forty days. Ibn Sina is also known as Pur Sina, Abu Ali Sina, and Avicenna. Being a Persian polymath, he was also regarded among the highly famous astronomers, physicians, thinkers and writers of the Golden Age of Islam.



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