Indonesia Hajj Boss meet Saudi Arabia Ambassador over Umrah 2021

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Indonesia Religious Affairs Ministry through the Directorate of #Hajj and #Umrah Management (PHU) met with the Saudi Arabian Ambassador Esham Altsaqafi. The meeting discussed this year’s umrah pilgrimage which was planned to be opened for pilgrims abroad beginning August 10.



“We ask for an explanation regarding the technical details of the umrah pilgrimage during the pandemic,” said the PHU Acting Director Khoirizi on Thursday, July 29.


Based on widely circulated information, would-be pilgrims from nine countries including Indonesia must undergo a 14-day quarantine in a third country before arriving in Saudi.



Would-be pilgrims must also be fully vaccinated using four recognized brands, namely Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.



Additionally, Indonesians who have received Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine must get a booster shot of the four recommended vaccines.


According to Khoirizi, the Saudi Ambassador stated the most important thing was that the Sinovac vaccine had received WHO approval. The Saudi Government also understood the psychology of the issue among Muslims, especially in Indonesia, and their intense longing for umrah.



“We all hope that this pandemic can be contained well soon to return to normal,” said Khoirizi conveying the Saudi Ambassador’s hopes. He added that details of circulars issued by Saudi Arabia regarding the pilgrimage, including those related to Indonesia, were still being discussed.




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